Barbarian Font

Unfortunately, i didn’t find this fantastic font when I was preparing Savage Swords‘ cover design. It would have looked incredible! Definitely on the paperback edition.  

High Captain – A tribute to J R R Tolkien

I am almost ready to release the second book in the Tribute to the great old ones series. The second book is a romantic story in the steps of the ones Tolkien wrote and captivated. A love but tragic story (as most of them are) but in the end, there is a ray of hope….

Call for reviewers

I am asking for reviewers for my first book. You can have a review blog, or you are an avid reader everyone is welcome! It’s a novelette in the sword and sorcery genre. The setting is in my fantasy world “Land of Oyr” and the story is a tribute to Robert Howard’s Conan. The book is titled…

How to become an apprentice Cartographer!

I don’t believe i have the skill and patient to learn new skills to make big maps, but in this tutorial, you can learn to make a beautiful map for your rpg adventures. I will give it a try.

The price of art

During the past month, i have been into many ebook giveaways (just for signing in newsletters and similar acts) for which i received so many free ebooks that if i decided to download and read them all, they would last for the rest of my life! I have a post (almost) ready for my self-publishing…

Merry Beltane

It is a celebration of nature love and reproduction. enjoy!  

Viel Nast Interview

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Viel Nast, author of THE GREAT OLD ONES SERIES. Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, Viel VN: glad to be with you, as a self-publisher I realize that I have to restrain my time writing to promote myself and make my books and writing known which is both hard…


I don’t like celebrations and doing something on occasion and not every day but let’s celebrate today and begin reading and not stopping from now on!


i am back from vacation and wish you all well. i found another great review! i hope it will help you all the rest who are thinking of purchasing my book.

Lost treasures of Epic Metal 3: Medieval Steel

Another great band from old that it still keeps up the hammers of epic metal is Medieval Steel. A band that remained mainly unknown and totally anticommercial for more than thirty yeats. It had been ended many times and as many it started again. currently they are active and if they wish i could a…

Essential readings 3. Henryk Sienkiewicz (1st update)

Departing from true epic fantasy I decided to reread an old favorite. The polish novelist and great author  Henryk Sienkiewicz. He is more famous for the christian best seller quo Vadis but I preferred his medieval novels. Fire and sword come in two tomes of detailed historical facts about 17th century Poland. And followed by four…

Land of Oyr’s Epic Metal Reviews 2. Iron Driver

so its this day of the week when we review a true metal band and its latest album this time i am pleased to review iron driver’s crack of the whip Ep first of all, let me tell that this four track album is available in cassette!!!! how much more old school than that can…


i am ready to enter wish me luck! although i don’t own the right of the cover art i don’t mind sharing the fame and rewards!


I just took a SEO test and i got a B! I am not sure this is good or bad (probably good but not perfect). There are many things to improve in order to provide a better blog and i have allot of work to do among many other things that i am trying to…

Land of Oyr’s Epic metal reviews 1. Reflection – Bleed Babylon Bleed

Reflection is a greek band with more than twenty-five years of history. They play epic/doom metal and they have chosen an underground pure path outside of commercialisation and marketing tricks. They stay true to heavy metal and play their music for themselves and their fans and not for money. Their newest fourth full album has…

Sword & Sorcery Guide

Savage Swords is a classic sword n sorcery story. You can see here what is really sword and sorcery, the best books and guides. Conan, Elric, Fahrd and Grey Mouser and many others are classic sword and sorcery heroes. Their tales are brutal, deadly and show their efforts to survive, become great or just wander…

We are Epic Fantasy World Builders.

Fellow epic fantasy writer and blogger John Robin had posted my opinion and approach on How to build an Epic Fantasy World, for his world builder series he has started and run successfully for three periods. Enjoy!