Compendium 9. Racial Trees a) Men of Light

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Humans were the first and only (with dwarves) creatures born in Land of Oyr. in the beginning they were one people but as centuries and millennia passed and they organized in different structures and regions absorbing various elements of their background and history they become distinct nations subraces of men of light.

The languages they speak are different and only with great difficulty one can understand the other. the language of the great kingdoms is heavily influenced by the demon patrons and the writing have many demonic runes and words incorporated in it. the language of the free clansmen is the pure human language of the land of Oyr with few major or minor changes due to time and region. the hill tribes speak a barbaric dialect with no writing only vocal tradition. the men of darkness due to their mutation have forgoten their origins and speak four variants of the demonic language suitable for human vocal cords.


the seven most advanced and organized nations formed by their specific region and demon patrons.

  • Men of Tarantis

The men of tarantis are more learned and enlightened than all other humans in the land of Oyr.

They are medium height and slim with a diet of vegetables and wine they prefer the special elk meat and dietary products that are rare and expensive

The priesthood holds a light hand over the serfs and even guides them for better farm management giving them a better understanding of their craft. The nobility of tarantism besides a fair amount of time spent in the military and protecting the borders and patrolling the outland of the kingdom they spent their time money and efforts in either work of science or art. Tarantism holds a university and a theatre!

  • Men of tragis

The men of tragis are mountaineers and herders they are very dexterous and even the city dwellers are familiar with hills and paths

They are medium height and had a good physique from hours of walking and hiking

The king of tragis had recently abolished the demonic temple but the druids are not totally accepted by the Tragians but they don’t reject them as well. They have many small industries constructing woolen fabric and many products from goat milk and meat. The great goats of the Tragians are their main source of income and the only legacy of the goat demon god they care to adhere still. The Tragians are industrious and half of them live from commerce. The nobility are simple folks that have large estate in the wild with wardens tenting their flock and fields and they spent their time in the military guarding the many borders or caravans (mainly lesser nobles)

  • Men of atis

Men of atis are horsemen and cavalrymen

They are taller than the other men of central kingdoms and well-built being versed in horse lore and more outgoing and gregarious.

There are great horse pastures and the Atians have the best cavalry in the land of oyr. Their great mutant horses are sought after but they export only half mutant ones and then only to allies. The men of atis are militant and they spent many years in the army guarding the vast steppes against orcs and beastmen. Besides horsemanship, they are a typical feudarchical society with few exceptions. The druids cults are strong and help the remote villages. The mages of the school of wizardry are the second weapon the kingdom has to defend its might.

  • Men of Kynis

The men of kynis are hunters and foresters breeders of the great dogs. Most are loners but they hide a deep lore of woods and nature

They are taller than the men of center but lean and wiry with sharp eyes and ears

The endless forests of kynis teamed with game and wildlife are perfect grounds for hunters and explorers. The kingdom has more small settlements than villages or towns and the vast kingdom has few roads and paths.

  • Men of Arcturis

The men of arcturis are fishers and hunters beekeepers out of necessity to please their great war bears.

The men of arcturis are tall and well-muscled living hard lives in a cruel and cold environment

Arcturis is a poor kingdom with many features lakes rivers mountains see valleys but enough of them. The temple is powerful and forces the nobles to fight each other for supremacy keeping the realm in turmoil. But the Arcturians are the best heavy infantrymen in all the lands. The city of arcturis is well defended and acts as a center of commerce that connects east west and south. There are also many trade posts over the regions most of them near the sea and rich south.

  • Men of tavris

They are the only citizens being no nobles or serfs the judges rule all. There is the games where bullmen fight various opponents. Most of tavrians serve the city and provide either monetary or material taxes to support a well-developed government that provides more benefits than other kingdoms except freedom

The men are very tall and strong and they are possessed with their love of law and order

  • Men of capris

They are either sailors, pirates or whalers and only when they grew older they either become shipwrights boar herdsmen or foresters

They are the tallest men of all land of oyr and their rage makes them dangerous they are fed from young the infamous bloodbeer

The kingdom lives from piracy and internal strife and all men must prove themselves or die in shame. The loot from piracy the goods from the exchange and the rare materials they gather from whale hunting keep the kingdom wealthy but up keeping hundreds of big ships is costly and the kings and his advisors struggle to keep everyone happy and pleased.



these are the true inhabitants of land of Oyr remaining pure and faithful to their origins

  • Northerners 

Most are hunters and gatherers moving constantly so as not to deplete the land they also exchange goods with traveling merchants

They are big men strong and hard leaving in a fierce environment fighting weather nature orcs beastmen and the cruel north kingdoms

They live from the land being poor and owning what they can carry the druids held strong positions choosing kings and arranging wars and alliances. But they remain a fugitive people moving and fighting against uneven odds

  • Mountaineers

They live in rugged villages or small towns and tend animals and if they are lucky they have mines that are not claimed by dwarves.

They are well-built men strong and very resilient from living in the cold hard mountains. Among them can be found some of the largest men in land of Oyr

The clans range from small few families establishments to large kingdoms that of course do not reach the power of the great kingdoms. They are also either poor or downtrodden to rich from gold mining. Beastmen do not reach the mountains and orcs tend to focus on dwarves so the Mountaineers have only themselves other clans and sometimes the great kingdoms to bother with

  • Plainsmen

They are herders moving and tending their large flocks. They exchange their products for items that they don’t produce

They are medium height and slim and either great riders or herdsmen

The clans move constantly and the herds belong to the clans not the people so the people are put into positions judging on skills not wealth or family although hereditary positions can be kept due to specialization and dedication of each individual

  • Foresters

They are woodcutters and pitch and coal makers, some of them hunt but they don’t grow anything

They are tall and lean and pale from lack of sunshine

They are generally poor and in constant fear of beastmen attacks. They live in fortified clans strongholds with huge timber and earth ramparts. They sell wood, coal and pitch to traveling merchants. Most of them rarely or never move from the endless forests they call home.

  • Islanders

The men living in the many islands are merchants, pirates and traders. They sail the two great oceans and their lives are the sea

They are short and stocky in build well balanced on a ship and hardy long eyes and sharp wits to survive the cruel seas

The islanders are either poor fishermen or rich merchants with few possibilities in between. They travel the ports and trade meeting and bringing closer strange civilizations while making huge profits.



They are men of low light being the least civilized and backward from all men. They are also the only that worship spirits of elements and not the mother Oyr. They are raiders, thieves and bandits preying on all that are weaker than themselves. They live in squalid conditions and the only items of worth are their weapons. Even treasure is imbued with themselves or their weapons to show prestige. Fortunately, there are few hill tribes left the most noteworthy and dangerous the many tribes living in the hills south of tragis



They are not men of light anymore but their mutation caused by the four south demons was not strong enough to change their nature.

They are tall and strong stealthy in jungle lore and hardy but of low intelligence and cowards their souls being tortured by their demon gods

They live in the deep south jungles worshiping not only the great demons but their demonic spawn as well. Their living conditions are horrid and so poor that they lack necessities. Sometimes on missions, they leave the jungle to hunt or steal either in the northern plains or the deserts and wastes in the deep south lost to all others but them.



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