Now we are rolling like thunder! i have got another two great bands for review as you will see bellow

I had to postpone for a while the metal reviews series but we are back on track and we will continue!

Well since I have made already some few posts about new and old epic metal bands like Reflection, Liege Lord, Validor, Battleroar, Visigoth, Iron driver and Frozen Sword i thought and after contacting some of the bands and saw that they are willing to help me I become sure to start a new series of metal reviews!

The reviews will be out every Thursday (may Thor the hammerer help me!)  starting from the 30th with Reflection!

the second review is also booked it would be on the 6th of April with Iron Driver!

there will be a break for easter and then we continue…

we have a third review arranged Validor! 13th of April is big Thursday I will be away on holidays so the review will take place at the 20th (unfortunately all didn’t went as planned and the review will be postponed for the next Thor’s day the 27th. sorry, for that).

well i will have to postpone validor for yet another week due to technical problems, but the good new are that there are two new reviews booked

Medieval steel will be coming next and after them Sarissa!

so the new program stands thus (until further changes of course):

15 June Validor – Hail to fire

22 June Medieval Steel – Dark castle

29 June Sarissa – Nemessis

6 July Ironsword

13 july Hercules band

I am very excited to announce that we have booked another two interviews/reviews

fourth review is medieval steel on may the fourth!

fifth is sarissa on the 11th of may!

stay tuned!

until then enjoy!



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