Land of Oyr’s Epic Metal Reviews 3. Validor

After many problems, we are back on track with our epic metal reviews.

Validor is a metal band from Greece with more than a decade of existence and three full albums up to now.

They play a brutal epic sound being in their own way unique and original.

Their latest album Hail to Fire is a breath of epicness into a world torn by posers and false metal.

The first song Ride of the Avenger plays on classic Greek tunes of old and talks of the band itself as a person a Dark Avenger who will destroy all those who oppose. Epic tunes on classic guitar and a voice full of rage anger and sorrow.

Fall of Wrathoria is an epic mid tempo song with a fantastic theme of Wrathoria a fabled land of good that falls under the reign of the darklord from the dark tower (Steven King?) and the only survivors are two children who when grow will become king and queen again and their son wil be the sn of steel and brings revenge to all evil. the music follows the lyrics and it sorrow in destruction raging in revenge and epic in battle (a great song)!

Great son of Immortals is a very Manowar-like song quick and powerful (and maybe a bit of Virgin Steel). Probably an autobiographical song that the writer lives in his mind and in there punishes his enemies and become king (most of us Epic Metal fans experience these kinds of visions)! The music is wild and rough and the vocals are pulsating from wrath and rage (there is too much rage in this album)!

To the last Man is an ode to the Lacedomonias that fought in the Thermopyles and died to the last man. It contains in narration the epigram of Simonides written to honor the three hundred elite hoplites after the invasion of Persians in Greece had ended unsuccessful and the small Greek cities had destroyed the great army of Xerxes and send the proud king back in Babylon in shame.  The dead Spartans warriors say to a stranger that is passing through Thermopyles to annoSpartao sparta that they had stayed there to die true to their oaths in the city and the Gods. The song contains riffs from the famous Zeimpekiko tis Eydokias. 


Winds of Atlantis is an instrumental intro to the Under the sign of Crom. A Conan themed song this one (and my favorite one that is) tells us for the wars of Cimmerians and the fall of Aquilinia to Conan (who is known thereafter as King Conan – a prayer for the long awaited upcoming movie?) The song is beyond great both music and lyrics. The music steps on the tunes of the great artist Vasilis Poledouris, creator of both Conan movies soundtracks, and moves me greatly. The lyrics are in the well-known warrior spirit theme Validor are well known for. Manliness, pride and a despair for the fall of honor today. We are looking in mythical, fantasy worlds to derive recourses for the lack of honor in the world we are living.

Hail to Fire, Hail to Steel is the (almost) homonymous song to the album. Another war song using the Wrathoria fantasy world and urging us to fight with steel and fire our enemies. Gods of War and the King are watching, stay true, stay brave, stay heavy.

Finally, All shall kneel is another fantastic autobiographical song. Birth from gods of battle and glory training and preparation to fight. A threat (?) or a promise (?) that our enemies shall suffer. A harsh song a violent song the last to close the album and leave us with the promise of the new album that must come soon, to please the Gods of War and Battle. (we shall wait and train with sword and steel).

The usual interview follows with questions, answers and comments:

  • Land of Oyr: you play Blood Metal what is the difference to epic metal?

Good question. Blood Metal is more aggressive with thrash metal elements and influence from death metal.

  • comment, a successful mixture that Manilla Road also used especially in the  Out of the Abyss album.
  • Land of Oyr: so Validor is now a one man band (if my research is correct) what comes in mind first is Quorthon and Bathory, why did you choose this difficult road?

For me it’s the easy way. I have a big problem to communicate with other musicians. I have some specific ideas about the music I want to create and I am not the kind of man who ask “hey how do you thing about that, or that”. Its not working on me. I want everything to be done by my way. The truth is that is not one man band because Bob Katsionis stands with me since the first Validor album “In blood In Battle” and he is the best comrade that I could ever have.

  • comment, as long as you produce music of this quality do as you wish, brother!
  • Land of Oyr: there elements on your music and lyrics that are full of Manowar, do you acknowledge the metal kings as your major influence or there are others?

Yes! For sure Manowar are the Metal Kings and this will never change. Manowar is morethan music. But of course Validor’s influences doesent stop on Manowar. Bathory, Omen, Kreator, Immortal, megadeth are just a simple of all those who has signaling my music.

  • comment, Every man who ackowledges Manowar as the Kings of Metal, is my brother.

Land of Oyr: there is Crom and Conan in your music, do you read the books, the comics or watched the movies?

Yes to all! lol

  • comment, i knew the answers beforehand!
  • Land of Oyr: do you read in general, epic fantasy or other genres as well, name your favorite book and what you reading currently.

I read a lot of history. There you can find the most epic subjects for music. My favorite writers are Michael Moorcock, Stefen King, Robert Howard and Steven Pressfield. Write now, unfortunately, I don’t have enough free time to read something about fantasy.

  • comment, I am worried you left out Tolkien and i hope i will be in your list soon…
  • Land of Oyr: there is both a resurrection of old legends (manilla road, warlord, cirith ungol) while there is a rise of the new wave of traditional heavy metal, are we just lucky or there is a need for authentic sound against commercialization of heavy metal or you believe something entirely different!

I don’t see it as a resurrection but more as a need for authentic sound. We are not in 80s so it cannot be any resurrections because the conditions of our era are total differents with the past. But sometimes we are listening to something that reminding us the old good days and the nostalgia that we’re feeling, I believe that is the most important thing.

  • comment, maybe resurrection was a mistake, because legends never die!
  • Land of Oyr: your cover art is epic and great, but although I searched (not thoroughly) for Miguel Serrano as your artist it leads only to a Chilean esoteric philosopher! I would like to learn more about the man who drew your covers.

Esoteric philoshopher? Perhaps he is a philoshopher also. Just send him a message and ask him if he can draw you something so we can see if he is the same man. Lol I will send you his link. Although Miguel draw the artcover of the second Validor album “Dawn of the avenger”

The new one “Hail to Fire” created by a young greek man who has a lot of talent and he has also make some artcovers for other metal bands. His name is Kwstas Tsiakos and I will send you also a link so you can check his work.

  • comment, I have received both links which I share with all of you, great artists need appreciation!

Miguel Serrano

Kwstas Tsiakos

  • Land of Oyr: being a one man band means no concerts; do you plan to be with your fans live?

For now, no. In the future perhaps. The truth is that I want to give some lives more than ever, but I work far away from Greece so it is kind of difficult at this time.

  • comment, a must be in concert that would be!
  • Land of Oyr: you have already covered Manilla Road (excellent song choice again leading to Conan), if you do in future a cover can it be a Manowar one?

I want to give a shot and try to cover “Sign of the hammer” and  “battles in the north” (Immortal). I don’t know yet.

  • comment, i am all in for Sign of the hammer, but against immortal i would prefer something more epic, unless you can turn death to epic!
  • Land of Oyr: you speak of battle and war, heroes and valor, how can these ideas work in a modern world that is full of consumerism and self-indulgence?

In our age, the age of propaganda, some values must be integral part of our lives. Every man, every single day, gives a fight. The problem is that some times we don’t realy know for what we are fighting for. We must know first who and what we ‘re fight. We must use our hearts as a sword and our minds as a shield. The first step in battle is to know the enemy and know what is trying to access, and the way to do that is to have values deep in our hearts and never forget those things that makes man to be human. The biggest defeat would be to forget our ideals, our roots, our humanity and to become robots. Robots that someone else will manipulate. Forcing our minds our hearts we must stand against those men who wants to destroy democracy and freedom. At least we shall try to stand against them. We owe this to our children.

  • comment, I have figured all the above from the lyrics.
  • Land of Oyr: Finally what are your future plans in general?

Im about to finish the pre-recording of the fourth full lenth album. 9 songs. Then I will go to record it on studio along with Bob Katsionis.

  • comment, can’t wait and hope it is released in vinyl as well!

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    1. landofoyr says:

      thank the gods of epic metal and war for my inspiration!


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