Constantinople falls, Rennainance begins for Europe.



Today is one of the most famous anniversaries in the known history. The Eastern Roman Empire finally falls (never to recover) and the east is conquered by a new people with a new religion, Islamic otomans border now Europe.

The flight of many men of arts and culture to the west carrying with them only parchments of ancient wisdom will bring to the uncultured Europe a new breath of knowledge and hope. Europe will (partially) remove the yoke of christianity and will face a rise in culture and learning after a thousand years of darkness and fanatism.


Christian religion is to blame for many of the bad things that plague western civilization and especially the clergy is a corrupt institution that is concern for its own benefits and advancement. In fact the term christian came to replace any national identification and christianity became a menace to all.

In this aspect, i placed in my fantasy world two religions (for now…) the one that is the ancient of the humans called later Old faith which is a cult of the mother earth and the temples of the demons. I have already written an article about demons and i will prepare and new compendium entry for religions.

The professional clergy thus are demon worshipers that they use the people and kingdom they ended up enslaving to promote the secret agenda of the demons. they is no innuendo or allegory i am plainly describing my world view and taking it into fantasy. But this time the demon-gods are real and their dark priests have powers of divine might besides the force of propaganda that the priests in out time have.

As today such is the fate of men in Land of Oyr. They cannot realize or accept that the temples are places of corruptions and that the priests are monsters trying to squeeze every piece of life from the population. What is needed is a great catastrophe for the forces of good to realize where they will end if they remain in apathy.

This is the story that i am currently making ready for publishing, the High Captain a tragic sad story that also bores hope for salvation.

It is funny that is a tribute to J R R Tolkien, because the professor was a devout christian (in his own way), but i hope that he won’t mind…



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