High Captain – A tribute to J R R Tolkien


I am almost ready to release the second book in the Tribute to the great old ones series. The second book is a romantic story in the steps of the ones Tolkien wrote and captivated. A love but tragic story (as most of them are) but in the end, there is a ray of hope.

It was about two years ago i began writing this novelette size story and it will be released in a period when Christopher Tolkien had published the “The tale of Beren and Luthien” (although i had no idea then).

The story is based in the same area as Savage Swords but focuses in the east side of the Altans Mountains and bring a new element of Land of Oyr: Elves.

i have almost ready a compendium post about elves so I won’t say much here except that elves of the land of Oyr are foreigners of the world and resemble only in the external features the elves as Tolkien pictured them. They are essentially good but they are servants to the great old ones outside the land of Oyr and they try to stay out of the politics of the various kingdoms although this attitude is bound to change.

Chronologically the story is three thousand years after “Savage Swords” and the world had changed drastically.

Demon temples had established their rule in the major kingdoms and druids and the old faith is hidden in the fringes of civilization or the small independent realms between the major kingdoms.

More soon…




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