Call for reviewers

I am asking for reviewers for my first book.

You can have a review blog, or you are an avid reader everyone is welcome!

It’s a novelette in the sword and sorcery genre.

The setting is in my fantasy world “Land of Oyr” and the story is a tribute to Robert Howard’s Conan.

The book is titled Savage Swords and is the first part of a tribute series to writers that had inspired me.

Book Synopsis

A warband of hardened mountaineers enters the infested, with demon spawn, jungle. The mountaineers led by young Gonan, a brutal barbarian, face nightmaSynopsisbushes in the face of demonic mutations. Blood flows as battles occur in one of the darkest places of the world. The fight is to death and there can be only one survivor. This is the first tale of the tribute to the great old one series. The series will honor writers and artists that cultivated heroic/epic fantasy. The tales take place in the epic fantasy world “Land of Oyr”. There is also a full appendix of the history of the kingdom of Tarantis one of the powerful nations of the Land of Oyr.

You can comment below to receive a free copy for my book.


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