The price of art


During the past month, i have been into many ebook giveaways (just for signing in newsletters and similar acts) for which i received so many free ebooks that if i decided to download and read them all, they would last for the rest of my life!

I have a post (almost) ready for my self-publishing adventure where i will be more specific about marketing and promotion but for now i want to say that maybe we the authors undermine our own work and effort when we offer it for free and such easily so that the market is overflowing with free e-books that eventually end up in a folder in our pc forgotten and unread.

I offered my first (and only so far) book for a five day free download period. There were a hundred downloads (precisely!) but only one read and three reviews so far!  And I sent the link to many of my friends and all.

I will not do that for my second book (coming soon). I believe that in a long run you have more to gain if you respect your reader and don’t pressure him to read something that he really doesn’t want, or hasn’t decided to do yet.

A book is a work of art it requires effort, time and what’s more to give your inner self, your beliefs and view of world and life into it. So it cannot be offered to all and it cannot be free because it loses its value.

In our agony to reach more clients, sell more books, be more successful, we forgot that we don’t sell products but art and art must be appreciated and respected, this may sound old-fashioned or naive or it must be because i am not selling what i hoped i would right now but this is my belief and i would stay by that.

i will continue writing and i will continue offering the best i can in what i write and i will promote my books in a more discreet way and wait for the reader to discover my world of fantasy and decide to join me, i will not try to lure him with gifts and promises i cannot abide with.

But atop all, i will free myself from the stress of numbers and sale targets (that i have been fed up with my daytime job) and just write and have fun.




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