Essential readings 3. Henryk Sienkiewicz (1st update)

Departing from true epic fantasy I decided to reread an old favorite. The polish novelist and great author  Henryk Sienkiewicz. He is more famous for the christian best seller quo Vadis but I preferred his medieval novels.

Fire and sword come in two tomes of detailed historical facts about 17th century Poland. And followed by four more books continuing the same story with other protagonists.

The books are translations to English from the polish original and despite some problems in titles (too many and not all of the have equivalent to west ones) and the peculiar Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian names the novel is absorbing and is read very easily, despite its great length (six tomes!)


The first tome tells the tale of the two lovers one lieutenant of the polish army and a young and their adventures through the imminent war in the borders of the polish commonwealth.

The first book is epic and relates the historic events of a Kozak uprising in the mid 17th century.


The second book continues with the wars of the commonwealth (Poland and Lithuanian kingdoms) against Kozak’s and tartars while narrating the tragic story of the two lovers.

What captivates me in these books is the totally different perspective the author takes from today’s storytellers, that and the exotic lands of the Slavic east.

The descriptions are very rustic the essence of the book epic and there are ethics and honorable bearing almost against the self-centered protagonists in books nowadays.

The first two book are finished being big and captivating and now I am entering into the second twin books of the second part of the trilogy called the deluge.

The story continues some years after the events of the first books although the former protagonists are active there is a new couple that will be the center of the books. A young wild cavalry officer and a young and beautiful but self-composed and serious orphan heir to a large dowry, Many days of fun reading ahead!



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