Land of Oyr’s Epic Metal Reviews 2. Iron Driver

so its this day of the week when we review a true metal band and its latest album

this time i am pleased to review iron driver’s crack of the whip Ep


first of all, let me tell that this four track album is available in cassette!!!!

how much more old school than that can you get

iron driver is a band from Russia and they are part of new wave of traditional heavy metal (NWTHM) and new wave of Russian heavy metal (NWRHM).

The review

  1. first song is Crack of the whip rough, hard music and with hoarse vocals that take me back to the 80s (that’s the purpose of NWTHM actually) is an attack to your ears and your general senses. i am not sure of the lyrics but seem a bit SM bondage or something to me!
  2. next, comes Raptus which is on the same lines brutal and heavy like a big juicy burger you eat and belch afterwards satisfied! the lyrics are (i am not again sure) about heavy metal fans and people against heavy and/or business people who try to manipulate the pure metal scene,
  3. the third song is called NWORHM March/Heavy metals yesteryears is again self-biographical speaking of the route Iron driver had taken into the old school heavy metal and their struggle in Russia (i believe). More speedy with nice rifs and solos the song is classic heavy metal like they used to make them the yesteryears when we used to listen and shiver from excitement.
  4. the final song Abandoned Sky is another personal reference to the struggle of playing heavy metal and being true in your ideas in a society full of lies and false people. the theme is again harsh brutal med tempo and the vocals strong and proud of their decision to seek the true gods of old heavy metal and honor them.

The interview

as usual, here follows a small interview and my cunning comments.


  • you are a band from Russia, I have seen a great metal movement going on in all of the ex cccp countries can you explain it

Russia is enormous and is all stuffed with iron ore, so our metal industry must be powerful enough to satisfy people’s needs. Soviet metalhead proudly called METALLIST – originally this meant “metalworker”. Our forefathers were busting asses casting iron and shit – we cast heavy metal and it’s a work of love.

comment: an industrial metallurgical analysis of the metal movement, it must be the first. it reminds me of Lada!

  • despite your young age your sound is about thirty years old why did you choose old school heavy metal?

It’s about being ultimately sincere in what you’re playing: we just try to create stuff exciting enough for the very us. We play songs that we would listen to. And are not into most of the modern metal sound. Also, there are basically no operating local bands we feel close to; new Russian recordings that we are crazy about – close to zero.

comment: iron truth and iron hard they reply with passion and no fear. i am not sure about the situation in Russia but i believe these guys.

  • what’s your influences, what kind of music did you hear growing up?

Our souls were stolen by heavy metal when we were kids, growing in the 80s and 90s but hardcore punk became our musicianship incubator. Take Alex, for instance. He used to be a huge fan of British 80’s British hardcore like Discharge, The Exploited, GBH, Varukers etc – he started playing in bands of this kind first. The idea of crossing harsh vocals/riffs with paired Maiden-like melodic guitar solos kept haunting him after he re-visited some Merciful Fate recordings. Not to mention the whole Priest-to-Tank range of NWOBHM! Basically, we all come from some punk bands. Just tired of certain shit and bound for unhealthier lifestyle.

comment: i don’t like punk and since they don’t play it anymore i don’t have a problem,  i am happy they saw the light and came into the glorious realm of heavy metal. the unhealthy lifestyle i approve,

  • guessing by your age you didn’t live in the communism era, but after its fall, how was metal viewed in your country

It was no Communism but the Communist era. There was no Communism and there won’t ever be.  We as kids have witnessed the fall of Communist era that was followed by havoc, corruption and gang violence. But as isolated from the West USSR seemed to appear – as more curious youth grew to become. There was a constant “Us Vs. Them” conflict between aggressive and multiple “norms” and (at times) rebellious Western subcultures imitators – metalheads, punks, others. There was a bunch of decent bands from that weird era that the last breath of USSR was. Aria (“Bivni Chyornykh Skal era), Kruiz, Master, Shah… And – as proud St. Petersburg citizens – we can not NOT to mention Skoraya Pomosch. Such a brilliant band they were. Mighty awesome.

comment: i am glad they don’t like communism and they have proof to back their arguments so all you leftist of the west beware! i don’t know even one of the names they refer but its ok,

  • your new EP is available in cassette why! And why not in vinyl?

Banal reason: we’re not able yet to pay for it ourselves. We’d do that in a wink. Love physical records, record sleeves and stuff.

comment: poor and true to heavy metal that’s a great starting point, it takes me back many years to see a cassette again, when my record company Talbot Epic Records is ready i will offer these guys a contract for a vinyl so that their music will never die,

  • you belong in the NWOTHM (are you?) what do you predict for the metal scene in ten years when most of the old gods are gone from us (Lemmy and Dio are already away),

Why the fuck not – hell YES. We ARE the new wave. We predict the boredom will go away if we keep on pushing further and record more awesome shit. Metal is forever. Lemmy and Dio be forever blessed.

comment: that’s the new blood current metal with the so straight upright too perfect musicians with no soul heavy metal wants, the artist has to suffer in order to produce great music he has to struggle every day with society to become heavy metaler, todays western metal scene is going down fast,

  • also you are part of NWORHM what is it and what it represents in the metal scene?

That’s what we are. Also the name of our record label. That’s what we represent. Literally.

comment:  mother russia and the rebirth of heavy metal the documentary in twenty years is going to be titled,

  • your plans for the future (new albums, tours etc)

The future is gonna be MASSIVE.

comment:  positive aggressive thinking i like these guys i will try to bring them for a tour in Greece in one of the many projects as a metal manager that i am planning,

  • if you could do a cover in your next album what song would you choose?

Bohse Onkelz. But that’s uncertain.

comment:  never heard of him, didn’t like when i heard him hope their uncertainty grows and choose somebody else when the time comes fo choose a cover,

  • your demo art is judge dredd related, elaborate…

He is the Law.

comment: if you like judge dredd you cant be a bad person and i am positive to liking you.

a great EP a great interview a great band thank you guys for your time i hope i see you in the future in some stage keep metal in your life!

the rest of you enjoy!






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