Compendium 7.Gods a) Bestial Demons

Twelve greater Demons escaped from their eternal prison and came to the Land of Oyr. They servants of the High Demons that rule the abyss where the gods of the multiverse had trapped them and guard them for eternity.

When the demonic hierarchy learned that the Old Gods send their servants the Elves to the Land of Oyr, an unknown then territory for all entities, to harness the land’s magical power to be used in the Eternal War, they sent also twelve Demons (and other three in secret) to hinder their mission.

But the Demons had studied the Land’s attribute and mysterious origins which came out of the known multiverse and belonged to either god or demon until then and so they were trapped inside never able to return.

Not only they were trapped but they lost their bodies and had to adopt new ones, mortal and bestial!

This entrapment made them afraid for their existence, because although they were immortal and all powerful they could be killed! Being afraid led them to mutate servants to use in their wars. They made beastmen in mockery of their images. To test and train their slaves they raised from the bottoms of the east ocean in the furthest point east twelve islands where they placed their creations as an experiment that failed. Then they abandoned them all to their fate and the archipelago of Pain (as it was named) was forgotten by history. The beastmen as it is told here were released on the Land of Oyr but never obeyed their creators. Then the demons corrupted and mutated more men of light and created the orcs as it is told here but also these mutations never obeyed their masters. A third attempt was made with half-demons offsprings of dark rituals between the demons and women as it is told hereThese creatures led the cults that eventually set up the temples of the demons in the seven most powerful kingdoms of the men of light giving them new names accordingly specifically: Kynis Arkturis and Tavris in the north belonging to the Dog, Bear and Bull demons accordingly. Tarantis Tragis and Atis in the center belonging to the Elk, Goat and Horse demons. Finally, the Boar demon established the pirate-kingdom of Capris. The rest of the demons set up cults that ruled the Wolf the far north and the Ape, Lion, Tiger and Leopard the vast southern jungles. There is a last mutation that the four south demons performed that was a partial one and led to dark humans men of darker colors obedient to their master torn from their mother Oyr the only massive mutation that was successful.

These are the twelve known demons that had been involved with humans and three more wild ones secretive two in the seas and one in the desert, their horrible offsprings few rare and terrible (their real names are unknown to the Land besides a few trusted half-Demons archpriests).

  • 1 Wolf

    1 wolf demon
    The Wolf Demon

This demon is a loner, after establishing the most advanced and horrid island he came to the continent and set up a cult in the far north.

White wolves are his chosen and he is surrounded by bestial wolfmen wolf half-demons and huge mutant wolves.

His cult terrorizes the north and wants no civilization only terror and destruction.

He aims to curse as many humans as possible and recently had added gray wolves that had been sent to the south to spread further error.

He lives in a great cave complex and from there guides his minions as a terrible tyrant.

The Polaron elf tribe had been destroyed and the Alpinos elf tribe had fled their mountain top, but even by his powers he cannot break the protective shield that guards the crystal pyramid (more on the Elves on the next Compendium, be a bit patient!)

He had asked help from his brothers but they are afraid he might become too powerful and refuse to help him too much.

Nonetheless, the area around him is clear from elves and he is the most powerful of demons.

2 Dog

2 dog demon
The Dog Demon


Dog and wolf demons are bitter enemies and their areas interconnect and when they don’t have any enemies they fight among themselves.

The Kynis city and kingdom belong totally to the dog and is forcing the nobles and king to expand their borders constantly being the largest kingdom. He wants to destroy the Evenon elf tribe that lies in the far north-west, but they are powerful and have many warriors boosted by Polaron and Alpinos refuges.

He also besets the south and the kingdom of Tragis, but his many attempts have been met by failure

The great war dogs of kynis are famous around the world and a terror for beastmen, orcs , dwarves, human and elves alike.

3 Bear

3 Bear demon
The Bear Demon


Arctouris kingdom is strong and had helped destroying the Polaron elf tribe so they have many elven artifacts.

They can’t expand to the far north due to cold and they are focused to the south in the Atis kingdoms, but the many wars had led to nothing and they are content to simply expand in their area and enjoy their earnings.

4 Bull

4 bull demon
The Bull Demon


The most warlike of the demons had made a city of complete order, obedience and violence.

Nothing is left out of control and the minotaurs and half minotaurs establish their reign of terror.

Their military progress is superb but they lack discipline and strategic mind while many opposing fractions limit the power of the city. Their first war with Thulons elf tribe ended in disaster and from then on they keep a vigilant guard over them but nothing more, being content on their remote northeast territory.

5 Goat

6 goat demon
The Goat Demon


In the city of tragis the cult had been established, but suddenly deposed and now they are outlowed. The mysterious and orgiastic cult pray on lone persons and small communities. They tried to raise an army and restore themselves to power but the civil war didn’t come out as planned and they remain exiled.

Now they lie hidden and wait…

6 Horse

7 horse demon
The Horse Demon


Another outlawed cult the kingdom of Atis is the strongest in all Oyr and they hunt them down mercilessly.

Many centaurs roam the wild but they are careful because the atis cavalry can bring them down.

7 Elk

5 elk demon
The Elk Demon


The only kingdom possessed by demons that is peaceful and prosperous is that of Tarantis ruled by the kind and peaceful (for a demon) Elk.

The elk is peaceful and mild and wants only pray and devotion and gives back many gifts.

Its priesthood is the only one consisting mostly of humans and not only half demons.

The city suffered by the civil war but now is growing strong again.

They are few half demons product of two annual feasts: the first is the SACRIFICE when all the stars align where the king hunts a female demon elk and if he catches it he impregnates it then he returns to the city with the elk wait to give birth and sacrifices the elk in the feast then the offspring is dedicated to the temple. And the HUNT when none of the stars are shining a virgin is send into the wild for a night there she must find the king elk a huge male mutant elk demon species and consummate their love. She will stay with his herd until she gives birth then she returns to the city giving her child to the temple as well.

It is a sign of good omen if both the celebrations end with offsprings.

8 Boar

12 boar demon
The Boar Demon


The island of capris consists of pirates and huge boars.

It is a sea empire strong and cruel. They are raiders that steal on everyone having no alliance with the rest of the demons. The island of Capris is a strong sea kingdom protected by the great east ocean and its strong war navy.

9 Ape

8 gorilla demon
The Ape Demon


The demon had lay dormant thousands of years content to have his subjects worship him.

With the rise of the dark kingdoms they tried to expand they lost and returned to the jungle.

A cult exists that roam the wild most in the south and center of the land of Oyr causing trouble to all.

10 Leopard

9 leopard demon
The Leopard Demon


It is the only dark kingdom that survived after the great war. It is a bandit kingdom providing shelter for all the lost cults and it’s a nightmarish city of mutants, demon spawn, beastmen and many worse.

11 Lion

10 lion demon
The Lion Demon


The same as the ape with the difference that the lion is prideful and wants more power, but the dark humans that make up the bulk of its followers and army are degenerated and stupid and although many in numbers they bring no further help to its plans.

12 Tiger

11 tiger demon
The Tiger Demon


The same state as the Ape and Lion, but the tiger is cruel even more than the wolf. Is a killer and her only purpose is to kill and satisfy her lust for blood. The areas that she rules are a nightmare!



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