After many days of struggling with too many things for one man to cope, I finally published my first book!

It is a tribute to R E Howard and its fictional character Conan!

It is also introducing the kingdom of Tarantis (former Nemeator) with a long (but not complete) timeline.

Finally, it has a descriptive and colored version of the map I have already published here!

The book will be available in two or three days and I will have a seven days promotion period where you can download it for free ( i would appreciate an honest review if you would be so kind).

I choose this day for publication because today we exited the hospital where my four-month baby boy was for eight days and he came out well and smiling as usual. A trying period! I dedicate this book to him.

This is the first book of a long series where I plan to introduce the whole history, culture, races, kingdom, religions and details of the Land of Oyr while honoring many great artists.

R E Howard created a new genre and a new type of hero. The man almost a hundred years ago set the basis that all we built upon. His descriptions were brutal as was his world and his hero. He esteemed survival and strength above all and mocked civilization as we consider it and put the barbarian into a new concept as a hero and archetype. Not the dirty unprogressive brute it was patterned until then but a man who followed his instincts who respected his animal side but above all had honor that he put above material wealth and flesh pleasures (not that he denied them!)

Conan was a killing machine but he was also a leader, a captain and finally a just king. He was feared and respected and his adventures became legends as himself.

The only dark spot on Howard’s life was his suicide. I never accepted or understood this act which was in direct contrast to the rules of survival and strength.

It still pains me to think that he couldn’t stand to his writings in his real life and proved weaker than he wanted himself to be…




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