I am beginning a promising project. It is a tribute to great authors of epic fantasy and sword & sorcery genre (and later many more) that not only shaped the fantasy fiction literature but also shaped my reading and philosophy and general life attitude.

The tribute books will also introduce my fantasy world Land of Oyr to the readers as each book will contain a short story in a different region-kingdom but also a different time period. Also, it will contain an appendix with encyclopedic material relevant to each book.

with this way, i will not only pay homage to great writers but also provide information about my world in a convenient way but hone my writer skills. I will take the old school approach and begin small, writing short stories before engaging in a more demanding longer novel.

The series will have many cycles, the first one will be fantasy writers and will follow classic authors, comic books, movies adaptations and many more and hopefully, it will reach more than twenty books if all goes well!

Material is available and many stories had been started already and many wait finishing touches to be published, also there is a great store of data concerning the world’s history which will be expanded and revised to become more consistent and expand so that the reader will have a comprehensive view of the Land of Oyr.


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