Copy editing: Done!

It was a difficult month from many aspects (both personal and concerning the book) but i managed to put my draft into shape (although the personal matters remain unsolved…) and after many hours of personal editing, online tools, friends proofreading I found a very honest copy editing service and send my book for the final polishing.

the result is quite impressive (although, you, the readers need to confirm it!) considering that the overall plot hasn’t changed but the language and structure had undergone a great change from the first draft to the final edition.

Of course, that’s the meaning of editing in general so I shouldn’t be impressed although it is my first book and I have to!!!

Vonda from first editing did a great job both enhancing the original text but also respecting my individual style.

Well, I am one step before publishing and there is only the cover to be taken off and I will be a published author which sounds a far better title than aspiring new author which I possess now!


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