The renascence of Epic Metal

I have stopped following news in heavy metal music from the early 90s being content on what I knew and liked all the great bands and albums I wanted to hear had been done and I felt no need to seek for further music influence.

Those days with no internet it was difficult to find and listen to new things except buying them or finding someone who had bought it and in general small and unknown bands were hard to find.

then came the internet and everything was easier and with youtube, you had anything you wish to hear.

lately I begun to hear new bands that were true to that old eighties sound and I feel there is a revival of the classic epic genre with new kids playing a clear sound having influences from classic literature sources and wanting to leave the whole metal scene behind from where it was going

I think it is called new wave of traditional heavy metal and I am happy to found many new bands their sound being familiar in my ears

the band I am presenting below is not the best or the first but is what I am hearing right now and planning on purchasing their new vinyl! ( i will make a specific post for the revival of the classic LPs and the comeback of the vinyl).




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