Compendium 6. Races e) Half-Demons

Half-demons are powerful entities born in unholy rituals with one of the twelve demons and one unlucky woman who is dead after she gives birth to the abomination she was forced to carry.

They retain some features of their bestial demonic sires but can pass as humans in most disguises.

They head the temples or the cults of the demon gods have powerful divine magick at their disposal taught and granted by their sires and are totally given in the effort to destroy elves and their allies from the Land of Oyr, being the best assets in the demonic arsenal.

Few can coexist in a temple any given time being highly ambitious and jealous of their parentage so, fortunately, few are born but they can live up to a thousand years their demonic blood keeping their human body from decomposition and death.

They rule the temples of the demon gods with an iron hand and the kingdoms as well. They hold vast knowledge and see the kings as their puppet, except certain powerful and gifted individuals, and they won’t hesitate to bring the kingdom they rule in ruin in order to achieve their means.

Depending on the kingdom they retain certain differences:

  1. the cult of the wolf is the more powerful maintaining agents not only in the north where its center is located but in every part of Land of Oyr where wolves can be found to prey on sheep. The wolf half-demons are possessed by a maddening fury to bring ruin to their enemy being ruthless and merciless,
  2. in the kingdom of Kynis they hold vast kennels and they seek constantly to breed young women to their mutant dogs in order to obtain strong and healthy beastmen totally devoted to the temple. Their hatred to the kingdom of Tragis after its victory over the Goat temple is hot after hundred of years and they conspire to bring back their brothers. The never ending border war is kept from their effort bleeding the kingdom seriously,
  3. in the kingdom of Arcturis the best organized temple is run being powerful beyond measure. It is not a coincide that the bear temple was that organized the first campaign against the elf village of Polarons that ended in the destruction of the village and the departure of the Polaron Elves,
  4. In the kingdom of Tavris, the temple is restrained by the new order of noble judges that rules the kingdom after the unsuccessful campaign against the Thulons elves. They now bend the knee and offer their  great powers to the rulers of the city making it great but leaving the initial course of war against elves,
  5. The temple of the Elk in Tarantis is the most well-liked the Elk demon being benevolent and loving to its flock abandoning his mission, bringing the wrath of the rest of the demons but a wrath they can fulfill the kingdom of Tarantis being powerful and well protected. The enlighted Elk temple helps the kingdom prosper and greatly supports technology and arts,
  6. Tragis had recently overthrown and exiled the temple of the Goat and now the demonic worship is restrained in a hunted cult which none the less remains powerful and plots to regain its position of power,
  7. The Horse demon god leads the most military strong kingdom of the horse lords of Atis. Many powerful half-demons Archpriests had experimented in the past in every possible mutation and now the dungeons of the great temple keep many unholy secrets. The temple may be powerful but there is an opposition rising and despite its efforts could not unroot the conspiracy to the core
  8.  The Boar temple holds Capris in its ancient tradition offering the nutrient blood beer and the hearty boar meat to the most savage pirates. The kingdom of Capris will dissolve without the temple although none could think why that should the Caprians being all devoted to their demon god that makes them the strongest warriors in the whole land,
  9. the tiger, lion, leopard and gorilla cults hide in the jungle worshipping their demon gods and offering themselves to satisfy their perverted nature. The four demons enjoy the hot humid atmosphere of the jungle and having created their own mutations to worship them had forgotten their task but soon this will have to change…
a goat sired half-demon



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