Essential Readings 2. Lankhmar – Fritz Leiber

I have begun reading again the lankhmar series of eight books (there is a ninth co-written by Lieber).

This is a great work that takes epic fantasy into a different perspective more light-hearted, but also brings you a complex world where gods come and go and heroes use their intellect to survive.

A must read definitely!


After a rather tiring and long introduction about Ffafhrd’s departure from his homeland, the real adventurous stories begin. The first book was rather odd in that more than half it had stories about individual heroes which were rather dull especially Fafhrd’s.


Now I have begun the second one which is also written with the peculiar style of Leiber half adventure and half comedy with many philosophical dialogues and interesting in peculiar way stories.

The book contained many short stories narrating the peculiar adventures in the land of Nehwon.

The final story brings in the introduction of the two peculiar entities demi-gods arch-wizards that will pose as mentors and tormentors of the two heroes.

I began the third book of the series the first story of which deals with the peculiar pantheon of Lankhmar but that was the most I read.

I grew bored of the short stories and quit my plan to read the whole series again.

I needed something new! (the bookmark is still there and i will return!)



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