Compendium 5. Races d) Orcs

After the first failed attempt to create an army of mutant images of themselves, the demons decided that they needed to try another time. They knew that they couldn’t conquer Land of Oyr by themselves (being cowards deep down) and so another mutated curse came to torment the land, Orcs!

After a thousand years from the coming of the beastmen, the orcs were released in the world. They were militaristic, brutal with a better social structure and could if force

raging mad orcs!

produce works of their hands, although their main occupation was battle and the acquired all they needed through pillage and theft.

But again the Demons were cheated from their creation as the orcs were equally chaotic like the beastmen and didn’t acknowledge the Demons as their masters nor wanted to participate in the war against the elves.

They were thus left alone to govern themselves and survive in a cruel world that turned more crueler from their existence.

Orcs has a strict social structure where size, brutality and violence are key factors for success and obedience.

The smallest social establishment is the village a squalid living affair where a gathering of orcs (no more than few hundreds) live together.

The females and young ones are kept separated in a secluded area inside the village where the female raise their young ones. Access to females has only the chief of the village or his chosen bodyguards and the females themselves accept only the most brutal, fierce and battle-hardened males.

Orc children grew in an environment of violence and competition to ensure they would be ready to enter the life of an adult.

There is a three-foot stick in the entrance of the secluded area that marks when a child becomes an adult independent of age, although it usually comes at twelve to thirteen of fourteen.

The orcs’ society is one of violence not only for others but among themselves as well. Ambitious adult orcs tend to leave their village and form warbands and later larger more successful orcs that defeated other chiefs conquer their villages and form bigger tribes, that are counted in thousands and then again tribes are teamed into clans that count in tens of thousand and finally truly successful orc chiefs unite hundred of thousands of orcs into bloodthirsty hordes and then the land trebles.

Orcs mutated and chaotic nature excels in violence and bloodshed, so they continue to grow accordingly to their lifestyle, although eating enormous portions of meat of any kind adds to their growth rate.

Orcs grow by age and survival means that they become stronger and bigger as they grow older it is in their mutant nature to grow because they eat more and more depending on their social stature. They even will sacrifice lesser orcs for their survival or cannibalize their own and theoretically they will continue to grow indefinitely. But with age comes another parameter of mutation, various mental disorders so they become highly unstable, violent to a suicidal degree and maniacally possessed to destruction, so surviving past a certain point is nearly impossible.

Violence also tends to help them grow the more deaths and violence the orc had witness or incurred helps him grow faster and bigger.

There is no standard growth rate since it depends on feeding killing and general mayhem each orc had created, but in general, a rate of a foot per year or two is normal although few orcs live to be more than 30 years old. Unfortunately, their reproductive rate is extremely high and despite high mortality rates in all age categories they can increase in numbers in a distracting degree and only their violent and chaotic nature as well as their internal conflicts (half the orcish population is killed by other orcs!) helps keep their numbers and threat relatively low.

Recent developments in the temples of the demon gods had led several cults to be ostracized from the great cities and the loss of the Great War sent the plans of demons back for total dominion.

So they retook their struggles to force the orcs into obedience, this time using half-demon agents that took promising and intelligent orcs and taught them to be shamans and teaching them many unholy secrets, but meanwhile manipulating them to send the orc forces against the central kingdoms. This task will take many years and it is very difficult to succeed completely but it seems promising…

Old orcs of more than forty are considered a rarity and even older are unheard of!

The growth rate stature and social status and advancement of the orcs:

  • Young adult: 3-4 feet 75-100 lbs, inexperienced with poor or no martial equipment and minimal training, they are bullied, hit and mistreated by other older orcs. They fight as best as they can, grab scraps of food and try to survive somehow. Death rates are high, but orcs are multiplying like rats so many, despite heavy losses, reach full adulthood. Nine out of ten young orcs are dead before one year is over from their exiting the secluded area and with a high death rate in infancy (50%+) the orc population is kept relatively confined, or else the land of oyr would be a grimmer place indeed
  • Adult: 4-5 feet 120-150 lbs, after surviving the brutal period of youth the orc has considerable battle experience, a weapon and even some armor. He had killed, raped, pillaged and is considered a warrior eager to bully younger orcs and grow even further. Death rate is still high as adult forms the core of orc units, but still lower than young ones, that are sent first in any battle engagement, so they are still enough for many of them to survive although less than one in five. Orcs rarely survive past eighteen their, full of rage, nature put them to fights even if there are not apparent enemies.
  • Mature adult: 5-6 feet 175-210 lbs, the orc now has not only survived many battles, but had accumulated loot to put him in a prestigious position, either to form his own warband and leave the village in order to make a name for himself, or become one of the elite bodyguard units in a village lord. Mature orcs are few in comparison and cunning lords tend to take care of them, never exposing to unnecessary danger. Most mature orcs are killed by other orcs rather than enemies. In this stage the orcs slow their growth rate and can stabilize in this size, many are content to be bodyguards and enjoy bullying younger orcs and females, while being able to pick the best from pillage when their lord attacks. Less than one in ten has the abilities or ambition to challenge a battle lord to take his position and of those less than half survive the duel.
  • Battle lord: 6-7 feet 240-280 lbs, the orc has survived countless battles with enemies both within and without the orc race and there are few in his status. Now he is the leader of a village eating his fill and having most of the females for his own, he has a body of elite warriors to guard him and many lesser warriors to lead in battle. The individuals that had reached so far are rare and very gifted in orc fashion. Having reached this stage there is no turning back, the mutation eats their mind and force them to try to reach higher or die in the attempt. Less than one out of ten manage to survive or kill a warlord or other battle lords in their mad ambitious rage.
  • Warlord: 7-8 feet 315-360 lbs, the orc had not only survived this much being a ruthless and brutal fighter, he had proven intelligent as well. He had managed to kill or trap other battle lords and now lead their villages, forming an orc tribe, which can be small or big depending on success. He is now turned into a true killing machine, even an elf might take under consideration and can withstand a charge of cavalry by himself. Being strong and big he eats, fucks and fights and the chaos mutations are apparent both on his physique and psyche making them totally unpredictable, extremely violent and destructive. Most die after creating havoc in one attempt to kill the most they can. Although a killing machine and mighty in battle, it is his madness that becomes their undone. They constantly wage wars dragging their huge armies with them and eventually they meet their end. One in twenty will ever reach higher!
  • Orclord: 8-9 feet 400-450 lbs, the very rare individuals who managed to defeat other warlords and subdue their tribes to form a clan into a dangerous gathering of thousands of screaming bloodthirsty orcs, who want to die destroying everything. These war beasts are fearsome warriors, near unstoppable in battle even against impossible odds. They usually have killed more orcs than other races and when they die the lands see peace for many years as with them thousands of orcs are dead in a great war although the destruction they spread take as many years to heal. Less than one in hundred survive the pitiless and constant wars that an orclord’s madness forces him to wage.
  • OrcGod: 9+ feet 540+ lbs, only one orc has reached this status the dreaded Brugar! (but for him we will speak another time).
this great artwork is made by TurnerMohan

The orcs when they appeared in the Land of Oyr being better organized than beastmen brought terror and destruction and the men of light were defeated and nearly annihilated. Also, the orcs hold no fear for hills, mountains and high places and they searched the dwarves and seeing their riches attacked them.

Men of light were driven to the hills to survive their druids remembering the early years of the beastmen appearance but the orcs followed them and they were near well destroyed, but there the met dwarves and the two races allied together against the common enemy and will remain true to this alliance till the world ends.



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