Compendium 4. Races c) Beastmen

Beastmen are an alien created mutant race with as many subraces as their demon creators.

They are twelve species 1) apemen 2) wolfmen 3) bearmen 4) dogmen 5) goatmen 6) horsemen 7) bullmen 8) boarmen 9) elkmen 10) lionmen 11) tigermen 12) leopardmen although there exist various subspecies like polar, brown and black bear, black leopard, mountain lion, grey, white wolf medium (riding) and large (war) horses and many dogs!


Despite different species, all beastmen have the same grow pattern because of their mutant nature and share similar social and civilisation structure but each demon species give them special powers.


beastmen become able to fight and tend to themselves at about two to four years old until then they are kept in the back of the herd with the females.

  1. Young foal (about 2/3 of the adult measurements according to each beast size)

the beastman is young just out of babyhood inexperienced and immature. Is tortured by the other beastmen and easily falls prey to most of the herd’s enemies, but is eager and fierce to wants to prove itself. The mortality rate is very high and only minor mutations are visible at this age.

       2. Foal (3/4 of the normal size)

Surviving into puberty the beastman is now stronger and more experienced as a fighter and hunter and it may have acquired weapons from fallen enemies better than clubs or stones but nonetheless is reckless and its hatred clouds its mind making it both dangerous and reckless. Now the mutation is more apparent, more minor and one major mutations are visible. At this age, they are also able to reproduce and an unholy lust for rapine along with hatred equally occupy their minds.

       3. Adult (normal size)

Now they are considered studs and are allowed to approach the females of their herd having satisfied their lust till now with other beasts or even humans. Having survived many battles they are strong fierce and capable. Beastmen of this category are dangerous with weapons and armor from vanquished enemies their mutation driving them to kill and destroy. Fortunately for the people of the Land of Oyr, they are few in consideration to the herd’s numbers. Their bellows yells and barks are loud and herd other younger beastmen around being cruel not only to other species but to their own as well. They enter into a reproducing frenzy and lust rapine is now stronger an emotion than killing. They lived long enough to be fully mutated and represent the epitome of dark mutation. Their mind can no longer be focused on survival but only causing pain and discomfort as the demonic mutation is taking full control of their beings.

      4. Chieftain (25% more than normal size)

These rare individuals exhibit in their individual subspecies the perfect characteristics. they are considered survivors of many battles managing to control their mutation long enough to gather or rule a herd and lead it into successful raids. Although totally chaotic they command large herds that cause trouble, destruction and mayhem. Rarely they rape without a specific cause and choose among the herd’s strongest female although they seldom survive long enough to watch their progeny grow into adulthood (and many time they are killed by them!). Having lived so long they further enhance their mutant nature becoming a true mutant with features both terrible and deadly.

      5. Champions (50% of the normal size)

Their ability to survive show that they are chosen by their patron demon creator as they had not only led a herd into successful raids but also leading it into power and dominance over other lesser herds. Now they lead a vast herd near unstoppable and so destructive that they had an impact in the history of the region they occupy and their name and memory will be engraved in the minds of the unfortunate enough to live during their lifetime. many destructions and sad moments had occurred due to a beastmen champion leading their enormous herds against humanity. They reach a great supreme mutation beyond anything else their presence alone a nightmare.

       6. Demigod (double normal size) a smaller mirror image of its patron and sire

Only one individual beastman can reach this chosen position per beastman type. It must prove that it have mutated so much that it had left all the taints of humanity behind and now it represents its demon god in all but name. This individual will lead the final battle of the demons against elves fulfilling the demon initial purpose of creation of beastmen.

If there are in truth such creatures they are rarely seen and are guarded by their demon creators as the apple in their eye. But lately, demons started taking an even more acting role again in beastmen livelihood. They send them half demon priests from their temples to guide and help the chaotic beings into armies subject to their causes. They are also, through careful inbreeding are creating herds of particular beastmen subspecies according to each church holding and by helping certain chosen promising individuals to reach higher status strengthening the secret cults and spreading havoc among the kingdoms. Finally,  the demonic temples are trying to send to the herds specially trained half-beastmen as shamans that will use their divine and spiritual powers to guide the chieftains to serve the demons’ purpose in exchange of more power to pillage and rape.

Finally, there are rumors that in the bowels of the temples and in the heart of the strongest cults beastmen more mutated and powerful are bred creatures of nightmarish mutation and hatred devoted servants of darkness.

The bestial demons first created these mutations and placed them in twelve remote islands, on the far side of the east ocean – cloaked with magic to remain undetected, with a population of captured men of light in order to see how their creations were reacting and if they were strong enough to rule and conquer. But when they had seen the strength of their experiment they proceeded in populating Land of Oyr with many beastmen. But they abandoned the occupants of the twelve islands to live what poor distorted and tortured existence they could in what it was later named the Lost Archipelago of Pain.


The beastmen depending on their mutation level that is based on age and violence performed have feet, heads torso and arms of the relevant beast or human. The smaller the part like claws, eyes, ears and fangs are seen earlier in their life. Being mutants they continue to grow accordingly to each beasts’ stature and nature reaching gigantic heights and weight the bigger being the rare chieftains or the even rarer champions.


They are hunters and gatherers (mainly the female – living battle for the male) and in general, have minimum clothing and equipment except what they can steal. They are unable to produce or create anything but hunting, stealing and gathering all they need.

Herds of beastmen roam the wild male female and children all running together, the males protecting the others their own occupation is killing, pillaging, stealing and raping among the way, with no apparent long-term goal. They try to soothe their internal agony of their suffered existence by inflicting pain to others and seeking death as a redemption of a cursed life. 

If captured especially dogmen, bullmen, goatmen and horsemen and mated with animals of the same species the offsprings are far stronger, intelligent and able. Producing mutants bulls of great size cows and goats of greater production horses of war strong fearless and heavy and dogs fierce and warlike. the offspring of a mutant animal to a normal produces a half mutant that is less in size but still bigger than normal but less fierce and more easily tamed.

Many humans even mate with beastmen under unholy rituals (or rape) the offsprings are mutants half-beasts creatures mad and wild but cunning with innate divine abilities connected to their demonic nature and totally given to the cause of their demon patron.

The beasts roam the wild and plunder the civilized world but despite that they are not more threatening than orcs who are far more organized and intelligent and they tend to avoid high places hill and mountains and never venturing into caves preferring deep forests instead. That is the reason they never troubled the dwarves in their underground manors.

Due to mutation beastmen who survive many battles grow accordingly from their original stature but with their warlike lifestyle and reckless nature, none survive more than few years. Also due to a lack of a strategic goal, there was no evidence of leaders who could posse more than a local threat (even a great one) than a concentrated war effort enough to indanger a kingdom.

Breeding guide for the beastmen and demon spawn.

When demons mate with human are produced half demons humans with some apparent physical anomaly according to demon nature (bull horns, horse hooves, dog tail etc) who are primarily priests of the cults and temples strong in divine magic agents of their demon sires for the destruction of elves in the Land of Oyr.

When demons mate with animals are produced special intelligent animals of immense size that rule herds and demonic tribes very rare and seen more often among the four south demons.

When beastmen mate with humans half-beastmen occur with not so prominent external beast features (only eyes, skin, claws, teeth, tail, horns etc) but apparently human-like but possessed by demonic fury and utterly mad hoarding a vast hatred for the men of light.

Beastmen and animals create mutant animals stronger, bigger, tougher with the best qualities of each breed but ferocious and hard to control and tame.

Mutant animals and humans create half beastmen but not mad rather more human like with few animal features but strong in magic and demonic power but not so much as half-demons.

Off course a certain type of beastmen with the same type of beast must be bred in order to produce a mutant animal or else nothing happens.

Also when different types of beastmen breed (or as is more likely a female is raped) there is a chance that the offspring would be either type e but there are never mix beastmen.

When female beastmen are raped by animals (rare except in rituals) there came beastmen with a wild taint more powerful in all physical aspects varying from half-beastmen if mated by half mutant beasts and full beastmen if mated by full mutant animals. Normal animals cannot impregnate beastmen or human (if half-beastmen female are raped then the beastmen are weaker and mentally unstable)

When beastmen female are mated with humans then another subspecies of half-beastmen are born with more animal insticts but lesser stature than other beastmen.

When female humans are mated with beastmen then halfbeastmen are born with great abilities of cunning and divine access less in stature than even other halfbeastmen and fewer mutant taints but with mental instabilities.

When female humans are raped by animals half-beastmen are born that are with great vitality and also mental skills but are more prone to madness than any other half-beastman type.

The varieties are great although the distinguish between various subspecies are difficult to observe because the physical taints are not always present in plain sight and only by careful observation of the attitude and physical progression can be realised.

A final word.

Mutant beastmen was a wound in the land of Oyr that until now they can’t be dealt with due to the prodigious breeding rates, great stature and ferocious nature. On the other hand they never, besides the first nightmare years, were able to pose a threat to well-fortified places and they are mainly a threat to travelers, commerce and isolated unfortified villages and hamlets. On the other hand, they brought the blessing of mutant animals which in their turn gave men of light their many gifts of better nutrition help in war and work and much more, although it is certain the demons never intended to be this way.



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