Compendium 2. Races a) Men of light

They were the children of the mother earth Oyr and they were bonded to the land and were creatures of the second cosmic rains made and shaped for that particular plane of existence.

They were tall and strong, children of the earth and sea, tall mountains and long valleys, deep forests and tough hills and in the beginning they were primitive and uncivilized and 

battles during the age of barbarism

they tried to live against beasts and hunger, cold and heat, disease and accidents. But their mother Oyr send them skills and wisdom through druids who guided and helped them, taught them about fire and taming animals and living from the land and their knowledge was deep because it came from the earth and the men of light prospered and were happy and free, children of the earth when it was untroubled from the demons the eternal cosmic struggle and material wealth.

Thus ended the age of barbarism and tribes and clans were gathered and kingdoms were founded many and small that fought both for survival and among themselves. But it would come a time of great torture, death and pain because beastmen came a mutant mix of beasts and men that were created by the demon lords and set upon the land to trouble its inhabitants and harassed the peace but men of light survived and the need drove them to become better and stronger.

From all the kingdoms six arose to become latter the greater and stronger that shaped history, three in the north and another three in the center and a last one in a large island in the east ocean.

The northern kingdoms: one was in a great forest, the second in a large lake and the third on top of an acropolis surrounded by endless plains.

The central kingdoms: one was on a large plateau, the second on many hills and the third on vast plains of grasslands.

In the south heat and impenetrable jungles negated any chance of centralized organization and thus no kingdom arose from barbarism, but something more sinister and dark…

Beastmen threat remains but it was not as serious as in the beginning and now humans in strength resisted and kept at check the mutant beastmen but after many centuries a new threat arose.

Orcs were another mutated torment the demons created. They were greater in numbers militaristic and more hostile and the young kingdoms were swept like sand castles by the sea.

And the men of light were driven from their homes and villages and they run to the hills to survive from the new threat, while beastmen never ceased to harass them and there they nearly faced extinction but they met dwarves the second children of mother oyr and there they forged an alliance that will last till the world ends and they helped each other and counter-attacked together both their enemies and with renewed strength and morale they destroyed the orcs and started rebuilding their kingdoms and they were stronger and more powerful than before. Their kingdoms grew and prospered and with dwarves they learned to built with stone and their walled towns grew into centers of beauty, power and wealth and the six great kingdoms grew even more powerful and many small kingdoms were annexed by them and were lost from history, but progress and wealth came in large waves and people were satisfied.

Thus the age of progress begun.

court life during the age of progress

With power and wealth comes also decline and immorality and both people and nobles diverged from the druids and the calls of earth which spoke of simplicity and humbleness, life with few necessities and enjoyment in non-material ways and the druids and their faith seemed rustic and a thing of the past and the people believed in material wealth and adorned themselves in rich fashions and shunned the ways of the (old) faith.

At that time of decline and amorality half demons arrived,

a shrine to the demonic gods in the age of temples

priests of mysterious gods, that built shrines and worshiped their gods in unnatural ways but they brought gifts and divine power and always helped without criticizing, so men of light left the light and were drawn to darkness.

Templars these messengers of the demon gods were called and soon the temples of the demonic lords were established strong
ly in the seven kingdoms (because in the south they were already established long ago but in a different way) and the kingdoms prospered even more but fall under the sway of greater beings out of their plane and the age of temples begun.

But when the temples had become strong and their hold unshakable they showed their true face and tormented the kingdoms and its people and used them for their own means and the kingdoms become puppets in the eternal struggle of the great old ones and the demon lords and suffered.

Then begun a period of struggle hidden and obscure by many and elves and elf friends tried to shake away the demon temples and its agents.

At these troubled times, our stories begin…  


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