Compendium 1. Introduction

Today I will start a new series called compendium where I will describe with more details many aspects of the land of oyr.

I will give information on geography, religion, races, wars, kingdoms, magic, monsters, great historical, events and a general timeline.

I will describe the land of oyr and try to give you the essence and feeling of the world I created and introduce you to a whole new experience a world you would like to live in or even role play in it.

I have a great store of material, notes, drafts that need to be put into order, corrected, synchronized and homogenized with the rest of material in order to form a cohesive body and provide the basis for a deeper comprehension of the short stories and novels to come in 2017!

For most writers the world they tell their stories are aged old and most of the major events are a thing of the past while the world is descending into decline elves are dying the great empires are gone and great wizards and warriors are now legends.

my approach will be entirely different! Land of Oyr will have a long history when the first stories will unfold but it will be a growing robust world with the major events to be in the future and will evolve during our time together and we will see them unfold before us as we live them as real life, not dead history.

the world will be becoming more interesting and it would be shaped anew by dramatic events that will be observed by the reader as he discovers the land of Oyr and they would be felt and sensed not remembered. Great events will be done during the evolution of the stories and they will change the world and drive it to new courses more exciting than before.


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