Pillars of my Φantasy Inspiration 6. Epic HEMA (historical european martial arts)

My avocation with epic fantasy led me to a love of swords the mystery of swordsman fighting the seeking  of the secret of steel if you want an attempt to reject the modern world of firearms (not that I don’t like firearms but this is another story) and immerse into a world that is forgotten and seen as anachronistic or dead.

myself in the first greek HEMA tournament in 2015 after a defeat…

in the beginning, it was researching everything I could find about swords medieval weapons in general and fighting but a critical change occurred when an old friend of mine (and rpg co-player) told me that he was practicing arma and I went for a few seminars and lessons (few years ago they have parted ways and now they are fully into HEMA starting their own athletic club with owned gym and trainers – hoplomachia – participating in European councils and tournaments, you can learn more here .

I found out what sword fighting is really and how many mistakes Hollywood and fantasy book writers had incorporated into popular culture

i exercise and learn (not in a satisfactory degree but i am stubborn and patient) i participated in championships i try and make mistakes and try again but in the end it is the art of sword that keeps me satisfied and well.

I try to visualize authentic sword fighting scenes putting in description all I know to portrait a detailed duel or massive battles that are both realistic and exciting.

Here ends the “pillars” series where I gave you detailed analysis of my background and where I would search and derive material and inspiration for all my works!

I will continue describing the world in sessions and also presenting my future publications.


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