Pillars of my Φantasy Inspiration 5. (Epic) Roleplaying Games

Well, we have reached part 5 of the pillar series and we are still going good! RPG is a favorite hobby of mine that has roots in epic fantasy and especially first d&d is linked directly to Tolkien (halflings, rangers, elves, dwarves etc).

I still got somewhere the first battered rulebooks although half

how we would like to roleplay!

Of the first set of dices didn’t make it! but I still remember the days when we didn’t have a place to play and ended up in garages basements cafeterias even a break in into our school during summer holidays!!! TSR opened a new world of opportunities for me and I believe I got my writing inclination from when I began to elaborate on my characters history and background so that I ended up with ten pages of detailed character sheet (although brutal characters with large size and larger weapons with no background also were a great option!)

Thus I began taking down their adventures and ended with some mediocre stories that needed editing bad but made up the backbone of many ideas that I would use later.

Despite my disagreement with d&d system, as being too unrealistic and not promoting great role playing as I read more and learned about medieval societies and warfare and also when I discovered many other role playing systems much better and accurate, it will hold a special place in my heart forever (like the first love if I may be so bold!)

The past two years I have tried the 5th edition and I am quite satisfied with the game being a huge improvement over the third although I still believe it is like a pen paper diablo!

I much prefer green ronin’s game of thrones system or even ars magica and iIwould like to find a group to try Warhammer fantasy and decipher’s lotr or even legend (mongoose’s rune quest alternative) and finally a zombie apocalypse campaign (like all flesh must be eaten)!

I believe the open license that many companies have adopted, gives great opportunities to create great settings and modules and I would be really happy and proud if I could ever create an RPG system for the land of Oyr (but that is quite far away for the moment).


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