Pillars of my Φantasy Inspiration 4. Epic movies

The fourth part of pillars series starts again with another Conan incarnation (what’s wrong with me!!!) this time is the movie version.

maybe the most classic “Conan” scene!

Schwarzenegger at its best (and at least for two decades except when he got pregnant which I hate) Poledouris creating an eternal epic soundtrack and the movie making Conan an icon of brutal strength and uncultivated opposal to false weak and degraded civilization.

The follow-up movie and the third named red Sonja (for copyright reasons as far I know) are not up to the first and they lack cohesion and connection to the original stories although they are nice enough if you are a fan

The fourth movie as far as I am concerned does not exist and should be erased from memory!

Besides Conan, there are various epic themed movies first among them and a personal favorite is warlord with Charlton Heston. it is far older at 1965 very real like and mature with great scenes a simple but powerful story and great acting not only from Heston but all the support actors

Truly a classic!

Many other movies are in my collection both older and fresher both fantasy and historic even fairy and childrens’ tale:

  1.  willow (1988) a true fairy tale
  2. blood and flesh (1985) very realistic about medieval warfare and life
  3. braveheart (1995) true epic!
  4. ironclad (2011) one of the first to depict real like sword fighting instead of Hollywood nonsense
  5.  Ladyhawke (1985) blending history and mythos perfectly
  6. the princess bride (1987) real fun to watch!
  7. the name of the rose (1986) not in the genre entirely but a great movie (and book) nonetheless
  8. Excalibur (1981)

The list is not long but these are the most favorites as far I remember (i will update it when something else will come to mind)

Seeing a movie is both a curse and a blessing because you can have  now a vision how what your read or thought looks like but also from the movie on your imagination will be restrained by the movie scenes and will be difficult to think differently

A cunning reader would notice that lord of the rings and hobbit(s) are not on my list

I must say that I am greatly disappointed with lotr and disgusted by hobbit(s) the way they were altered from the books and the tragic changes done to a classic work of art (i don’t want to say more I am getting angry just thinking about them)

Finally, a notice should be made for the game of thrones series

It is a great work although it is greatly disengaging from the original and the two (the books and the series) are becoming independent entities although I am waiting for the series to end and the release of the final two books!


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