Pillars of my Φantasy Inspiration 3. Epic comics

Continuing the “pillars” series I will now write about another fond of inspiration

a troubled brow!

Epic comics! Sword & Sorcery mainly themed and above all the marvel Conan zines!!! Conan as a comic established a new genre and expanded the few Howard stories creating a new universe a new idol and a new concept of what comics should be like.

I am collecting Conan comics from teenager and I still reading from time to time adding to the existing collection the new dc series which is extremely beautiful and a quality effort

but the first black and white of Roy Thomas are always in my heart even if the newer stories are more deep and more thorough looked into stories and the artwork is truly marvelous

Besides Conan slayne is another favorite hero even more I might add since it gave another edge to the comic genre

a barbarian with a pagan background that adheres matriarchy and a female cult! the slayne series dates backs decades although it never achieved the same popularity as conan (or judge dredd another favorite and beloved hero) because it dealt with difficult issues instead of just hack and slash

slayne entered the psyche of the men of another age where money was secondary and lost now values such as honor and bravery came first with a long great margin

slayne storyline is one of evolution and maturity beginning a youth of bad temper (to say the least) to end up a kind of pagan paladin (readers of D&D 5e might find similarities to the oath of the ancients paladin!). similarly, the artwork matured as well to the brutal black and white of (excellent) belardineli to the horned god treasures of Britain and finally the book of invasions of the mindblowing work of langley!

while Conan stays a brutal barbarian adventurer seeking excitement and pleasure and only Conan the king series show him older and in a different role

needless to say I adore both characters (and judge dredd through it cannot be called truly epic) and a great part of me lived through them and found great enjoyment in the countless hours I spend with them.


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