Pillars of my Φantasy Inspiration 1. Epic Metal

As I started in my previous and first post it was 1990 when I learned about role playing games. At about that time I bought my first metal album Manowar Kings of Metal!

Manowar – kings of metal – 1988

The sound and lyrics were like a wave sending me forward to a new course! I abandoned all my juvenile pop music and went into epic metal. the list is small but true epic:

  1. manilla road!
  2. savatage (at least up to the hall of the mountain king album)
  3. bathory (the two epic ones in early 90s)
  4. candlemass (a doom epic approach)
  5. skyclad (the first three pagan ones, the rest are rubbish)
  6. warlord and secondary other epic bands of lesser influence
  7.  omen
  8. cirith ungol
  9. jag panzer
  10. heavens gate
  11. armored saint
  12. virgin steele
  13. solitude aeturnus
  14. pretty maids
  15. heavy load
  16. fates warning (the first four before they go into progressive)
  17. battleroar (epic metal from Greece)

I didn’t actually listen to the classic metal bands of my time (like sabbath iron maiden judas priest motorhead or metallica) not until at least much later and I was really focused on epic metal to accompany my readings and general inclination.

the epic feeling shaped my imagination and since at that time there was no mp3s and listening to music was an entirely different experience with reading the lyrics and admiring the artwork of the album while the vinyl was playing as loud as the neighbors endured!

so epic metal is the first foundation of my character building a music i love and listen continuously until now nearly thirty years.


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