It was in 1990 when me, my players_handbook_2nd_editionbrother, a friend and his brother we bought two RPG manuals PHB (players’ handbook) and DMG (dungeon masters’ guide) of the AD&D setting (advanced dungeon and dragons) second edition! I have just learned of the fabulous world of role playing games and since then I am well and for all into it.

After that, I bought my first Manowar album (Kings of Metal) and my first fantasy book, Lord of the rings the centenary edition in 1992 (which I still got a bit battered but whole thankfully after all these years). I entered a journey into epic fantasy which is still active searching, enjoying, exploring and learning. I have now many books (thousands in pdf) many albums (thousands in mp3) and thousands RPG systems manuals compendiums adventures and anything a player may need to play for many many years.

I was always creating characters and stories in my mind but never written most of them forgotten now but finally, I embarked on creating a fantasy world three years ago when I began writing short stories just for myself for fun and to have a creative hobby. Now I have a grasp of my world its history and many characters and events and although I have bothered my friends discussing and giving them printed stories and ideas I believe it is time to share my ideas with the world wide web. It is an ambitious project where I will try not only to create a new world. but write stories in it and of it while adding material to make it a playable RPG universe.

To sum up here through this blog I will try to do several things:

  • post short stories (in the beginning and later parts of a novel I am planning) so that I will test my skills and present my world to all who will interested to read,
  • a more casual description of the world its inhabitants’ history timeline etc without a literature approach pure knowledge base, like an RPG campaign setting,
  • offer ideas for the world if someone wants to use it as an RPG setting,
  • find a graphic artist who will like my world and stories and will be willing to embark on paintings based on my world and stories as well as creating a graphic novel!

Hopefully, I will receive feedback from you and also some ideas what would you like to see or learn more, questions about things you don’t understand or you feel are lacking or need more details.

I am a new writer I don’t have an editor and I am not into this project for money or fame. I want only to share some ideas publish some stories and have fun during the whole process.

The history of the world is slowly building up events unrelated as the story unfolds are blended into with each other and the history gains in depth and detail.

The world is still new there are few ancient stories famous heroes and some major events but the most part of the history is being written and the most important events are still to come and the characters of today will become myths later on.

The world will progress continually and events will immerse depending on the stories right now that will unfold others as years pass by.


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